Warosoku, hand painted Japanese candle  "Sakura" (2 pieces)
Warosoku, hand painted Japanese candle  "Sakura" (2 pieces)
Warosoku, hand painted Japanese candle  "Sakura" (2 pieces)
Warosoku, hand painted Japanese candle  "Sakura" (2 pieces)

Warosoku, hand painted Japanese candle "Sakura" (2 pieces)

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A set of 2 pieces with selected hand painted candles.

The pattern is called "Sakura", which means Cherry Blossoms,.

Warosoku does not produce much soot and does not stain a room because  the wax is made of  vegetable waxes, and the flame flickers even without wind. Recently the value of their interior use has been rediscovered because of their relaxation power called '1/f fluctuation', which has the same rhythm as the sound of waves or the rustling of green leaves.

This product is hand-painted one by one by a painter who has many years of experience. There are 17 painters, and each painter draws with a unique expression rather than imitating the same pattern, so the touch and color are different. Therefore, please note that it does not exactly match the images.

Why not alleviate your stress  or create a special atmosphere with delicate hand-painted candles. ➡ More about warosoku


●Size: No.3, 10cm height  (box size 13 x 18..5 x 3cm)
●Weight: 100g
●Quantity: 2 pieces in one box
●Burn time: approximately 50 minutes
●Ingredients: plant-based wax, wicks made of Japanese paper and rush.

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●To prevent fire, please do not put burnable things nearby and do not use in an empty room.
●Please use  an exclusive candle stand, which is sold separately, to place warosoku straight. Directly lighting a candle  cause the falling down and turning into a fire.
●Please use the candle stand in a dry state. If it is wet, there is a possibility of that the wick with the fire, merely flies.
●Please use in the place where the  wind is blocked. In the case of  strong wind blowing against the candle, it may prevent complete combustion by causing oily smoke and wax flow.
●【Cutting Wick】The wick of warosoku is made from a rush core wrapped with washi (Japanese paper) traditionally. 20-30 minutes after lighting up a candle, the warosoku candle wick would stick out; please cut the center of the candle wick with scissors. Do the same when blowing out warosoku, and the ash does not fall off. It will be easier to re-light a candle as well. 

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