Yokotani (Tatami)

Yokotani Corporation has been manufacturing tatami mats since 1971. At that time, it was commonplace for Japanese houses having a Japanese-style room, but due to the westernization of lifestyles, the number of Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats in the house has decreased. Traditional tatami is made of rushes, which has disadvantages such as discolouration, wear, exposure to mites, uniformity in size and heavy weight.

In order to solve this shortcoming, we have developed the high quality SAMURAI TATAMI, which is available in a wide range of colours and can be ordered in small sizes. The tatami mat surface is made of Japanese washi paper in the shape of koyori, coated with resin, and used in alternating braids of washi paper in the shape of pipes.

Compared to conventional tatami, this material is resistant to mold and mites, retains its original beautiful colour without fading, and is easy to clean due to its excellent water repellency.

Our management philosophy is "The Spirit of Sanwa (three harmonies) ", to be familiar with harmony, to feel harmony and to convey harmony. There is a big theme of "Relaxation", and we are working to improve tatami in pursuit of this theme.

Winner of the 2018 Tamba Excellence Award



1. Resistant to Mold and Mites
Japanese paper tatami which is hard to soak up moisture. It is difficult for mold and mites to occur due to moisture.

2. Less prickly and fluffy
It is about three times more durable than a tatami mat made of rushes. It is hard to be damaged and can be used beautifully for a long time.

3. Easy to clean
The resin coating makes it easy to wipe clean even if drinks are spilled.

4. Easy to shift
Non-slip surfaces are provided at the four corners of the back of the tatami.

5. Prevention of deflection and warping
The crimping process prevents the table from bending and warping.

6. Fade-resistant
The Washi paper is treated with resin, which means that the colour will not fade and the beauty of the paper will last for a long time.

7. Easy to carry
The basic size is square, light in weight and easy to handle.

8. Also available in sizes and colours to order
Available in traditional rectangular sizes and in customized sizes in 1 cm increments. 15 colours.