Modern Antenna


 At Modern Antenna, we seek kimono as fashion. And we continually strive, for that reason, to offer new designs to our wearers. We take up older patterns and rework them, furnishing them with both dynamic color schemes, and geometric and other devices, that find inspiration, above all, in modernism. We aim to create kimono designs that have never seen before.

 We strongly believe that kimono is much more than the old or traditional.

We take inspiration from the vast collections of past kimono designs, but aim to build on these, constructing new inspirations for the present. Part of our mission is to resurrect the great patterns of former periods, using digital technology to reprint them for today's wearers. But not that alone. Would Pablo Picasso, if alive today, still be producing those emblematic works of the past? Paul Klee? Andy Warhol? What about the Beatles in their heyday? Would their music still sound the same if they were hitting those heights only now? What if Dylan were just born? Would his future creations simple echo those that we already know?

The answer seems clear

No. For these artists, the past may have provided material, but it was new concepts, new ideas, and new determination that gave them the tools with which they created. Although we are just one design group among so many in the world, Modern Antenna aspires to be like those great artists. For our wearers, we hope we can offer this excitment ( the thrill of the new!) in the kimono of the present day.

You can see the work of Modern Antenna from the link in NHK World-Japan.
Vogue Kimono: Fashion in Evolution 

Our kimonos have been exhibited at Victoria and Albert Museum in London for eight months in 2020 and stored permanently.