Tea ceremony (Chado) and flower arrangement (Ikebana) are the representative cultures in Japan that respects the four seasons and enjoy its changing. Nowadays, many foreigners are enjoying not only in Japan, but also in the overseas.

Urakudo was born from the wish of  "we want even first-timers to feel free to experience the world of the tea ceremony and flower arrangement."

Tea utensils and flower utensils are characterized by a wide variety of types and qualities. We will propose the best one for those who do not know what to use. Authentic tools are indispensable to fully enjoy the true charm of Japanese culture. First of all, if you can use even one of the tools of Urakudo, you should be able to experience a different "Japanese spirit".

The world of tea ceremony and flower arrangement is so profound that there is no limit to pursue it.

Urakudo will continue to convey its charm through tea utensils and flower utensils so that many people can be invited to the world. If you are interested in tea utensils or flower utensils and have any questions about them,  please feel free to contact us. “Knowing is a big step to appeal the charm".

Company profile

Company  Urakudo Limited
Founded  September, 1997

 Semba Center Building No.8 - 2, 3-2-8-275,
 Sembachuo Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0005 Japan

Telephone  +81 (0)6 6281 2780
FAX  +81 (0)6 6281 2781
Representative Norio Shiota
URL http://www.urakudou.com/