Matsumoto shoten ”Warosoku”

The flame of the Japanese candle is larger than any other type of candle, and has a very artistic atmosphere.

 Strong, Relaxing, Environmentally Friendly

Japanese candle

   The flame is strong enough to keep flickering even in bracing winds.  Also, because their soot is easy to clean up, Japanese candles are often used in temples and in household Buddhist alters. Recently, the value of Japanese candles in interior use is being rediscovered, because their flames have so much relaxation power. It is scientifically proven that the flame fluctuation of Japanese candles produces "1/2 fluctuation", which has the power to alleviate stress.   

All Natural Ingredients

   Japanese candles are primarily comprised of vegetable waxes extracted from Haze (Japanese wax tree) or ice bran. The wicks are also quite different from western candles. Wicks are comprised of Japanese paper (Washi) and rush. Although western candles use a string for their wick, Japanese wax has a stronger viscosity than its western counterpart, so it is well-suited to the wicks made of Japanese paper and rush. This lends Japanese candles a unique flame. 

Traditional, Hand-Made Artifacts

All of our manufacturing processes are done by hand. We, Matsumoto Shoten, have been excelling at the traditional manufacturing techniques since 1877. For the process of coating wax especially, our craftsmen need to use an instinct that they have cultivated over decades of training. The temperature of the melted wax, the thickness, and the speed are all crucial to the eventual production of candles that are the same size, height and weight. Thus, our Japanese candles are 100% natural, hand-made products by professionals.

Hand Painting

It is said that, many years ago, hand-painted Japanese candles were used during winter to substitute for flowers in the Buddhist alter at home, Ligting the candles is said to give flowers to ancestors. They are also remarkable as a souvenir or interior decoration because of their beauty.

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