Hanhaba Obi 【Chapeau】
Hanhaba Obi 【Chapeau】
Hanhaba Obi 【Chapeau】
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Hanhaba Obi 【Chapeau】
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Hanhaba Obi 【Chapeau】

Hanhaba Obi 【Chapeau】

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Cotton Benme is woven in a grid pattern using a combination of different yarn weights, which gives the fabric an uneven appearance.

Thanks to the lattice of thick yarns on the thin fabric, the fabric does not stick to the skin and keeps out the heat.

It is a rare material and is rarely made as an obi.

It is easy to wear, with a light texture and a cool appearance, making it the perfect summer obi.

The lining is made of a slippery polyester material, which makes it easy to tie, making it light and comfortable to wear.

The design is based on a type of feather hat called a chapeau, which was very popular in Europe.

Wide brimmed or crowned hats. A wide brimmed hat, a crowned hat, all with a decorative design.

A bird's feather is the longest part of the hat.

The colours are shaded to create a three-dimensional effect.

The cloud-like pattern on the ground gives a softness and a sense of absence without being too cool.

The colour scheme is magenta with a calm saturation.

You can choose the colour to match your yukata because of the crisp white background colour.

●Obi Type:  Hanhaba obi (half width) 
●Length:  approx. 4m
●Fabric used:  Outer: cotton, red plum, inner: 100% polyester

●Lining:  (Tricolour) / Red,  (Raster) / Plain white,  (Monochrome) / Black
●Recommended season:  All seasons

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