Small Shrine  Set A (Oinari sama)

Small Shrine Set A (Oinari sama)

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This set is a little larger than the extra small shrine set, and the doors are fitted with metal fittings. It is recommended for those who feel that the extra small shrine is a little too simple and have a small space for a Shinto shrine. It can hold the small imperial regalia of Fushimi Inari Taisha.

Enshrine the glorious Kamidana

●Size①:  ”shrine"  height 31.5cm x width 24cm x  depth 15.5cm
●Size②:  ”Inner shrine"  height 20.5cm x width 9.3cm x  depth 7.5cm
●Material: Cypress
●Contents: "Small shrine" x 1piece, "Divine mirror" x 1, "Spiritual fox" x 1pair,  "Torii" x 1piece, "Sakaki stand" x 1pair, "Wooden table with 8 legs" x 1piece, ”Sake bottle" x 1pair, ”Water bottle" x 1piece, "Takatsuki plate" x 2pieces, "Candle stand" x 1pair 

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What is Kamidana ?
Kamidana is a household miniature shrine

Kamidama installation and Rules 
A household kamidana is typically set up in one's home to enshrine an ofuda, a type of charm. Both kamidana and ofuda can be obtained at any large Shinto Shrine

Ofuda by themselves can be displayed on a counter or anywhere visibly, provided that they are kept in their protective pouches. However, when an ofuda is enshrined in a kamidana there are several rules which must be followed to ensure proper installation.

  1. First, a kamidana cannot be set up on the ground or at eye level. It must be above an ordinary person's eye level.
  2. Second, a kamidana cannot be set up over an entrance, but must be built into a space which people will not walk under.
  3. Finally, when an ofuda is enshrined in a kamidana, after removing the pouch it is customary to leave an offering of water, liquor, or food in front of the kamidana, which should be renewed regularly. Water, for example, is stored in a small, droplet-shaped vessel called a mizutama.

These rules apply both to one's household and to martial arts dojos.
Ofuda are replaced before the end of each year. 
However, kamidana can be kept in one's house until they are no longer usable.